Saturday, November 15, 2008

My season is done. 9th place in NYS champs. Thats good enough for me. Now its training for Road season I'll be traveling to Majorca to train for the winter. Should be sweet.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brians wedding

Was an amazing great time. It was excellent to see everyone, I miss everyone and seeing all the bros was very nostalgic. Unfortunately I missed to great events, the Park Ave cross race and the red bull BMX contest. Huge bummer, but it was worth seeing everyone. Next week is a big race weekend though. After the alley cat on friday with insane partying, we have the Ellison park race, then NYS championships in Syracuse. Luckily my ankle has healed up a bit so I would be able to do everything. Plus lets not forget indoor soccer Sunday too. I'm pretty sure this weekend is going to do me in for the season. But I may be able to squeeze out a race or two more.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't eat cereal.

Before a race. That sat like a ton of bricks. In terms of placing though, it seems my positioning seems to be declining lately. My results so far are 11,12,13,14,21 respectively since my start. So either I'm getting worse or the competition is getting better. I'm pretty sure its a combo of the 2. Anyways. An aside from racing, I'm considering either a new tattoo or a new macbook. And I really can't decide. Both can wait, or one can be bought now. I may do a tattoo, cause i can just have it outlined now and wait on the rest. Who knows. Anyways, more races to come.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Buffalo cross race.

I think I got 13th out of like 40-50 in open men. Not bad I'd say after racing the day before. Here is a ball shot picture of me.

In other news their will be a Halloween alley cat and a bmx competition going on at the same time. I'll probably be attending both but hey it happens. In also other news I put my application in to teach in Japan. Its in, I'm seriously trying to do it. Who knows what will happen.

This appears to be my race schedule for the next two month. I'm pretty sure I'm going to die.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Highlander pain a while back still messing me up for cross.

So i after the highlander which went great. I didn't bonk at all, did about 103 miles in 6 hrs 40 mins with 11000 feet of climbing. It was hard but fun. I'm pretty sure i could probably cut my time down by a half an hour if I was actually riding all out. Maybe next year.

Heres me:

then theres this guy:

This guy apparently thinks climbing a hill in aero is efficient.

Or this person:

Who thought riding on his back would allowing him to ascend faster since his feet were point in that direction.

Overall it was an interesting and fast ride.

Last weekend I also did my first cross race of the season. Placed 11th out of a field of 22. Not bad, was hoping for a top ten finish, but I finished on the lead lap. Tough thing is that its an open mens field, which makes me a clumped in with 1 and 2 riders. Hopefully this weekend will go better but ill be racing two races this weekend so lets see how that goes.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Highlander this weekend and other stuff

I went to boston this weekend which was less then eventful as usual. I probably should have went to my alumni ultimate frisbee game. This could have been me!

Alas I went to Boston to see tom brady kill himself basically.

But this weekend should be fun and hard. 100 mile road ride, 11,000 feet of climbing and super amounts of pain in a bucket. I'm sure to be packing plenty of this:

But cross season starts soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google chrome

So far this browser is easily one of the fastest browsers I've ever used. I've dabbled in pretty much every browser since Netscape, and was always stuck between Safari and Firefox. I recently went back to Firefox after I found some plugins I thought would be worth me switching over from Safari was. Well I've been using Chrome on my PC at work and to be honest this thing is blazing fast. Totally crushes IE. Tabs pulling is great, the clean simple look is definitely appreciated. I found the home page with all the history a bit of a nuisance, since i didn't want someone to check out my browsing, but Google has put in an "incognito" mode which basically hides everything from someone snooping your work. Safari was easily for me, one of the fastest browsing experiences to date, but this browser, even when opening saved images and finding locations is insanely fast. Additionally the idea of having each, page, and tab work under its own conditions is great! Crash a tab, or page, instead of a whole browser add ton of stability. I can manage a little extra memory usage for stability, god knows how many times firefox, IE, and even safari have crashed, leaving me filling out all my creditcard info for something I wanted to order. All I can say is when does the Mac version come out, cause I really need this thing on my mac.

Cool links about chrome:

Google cloud

Lifehacker browser speeds

Google chrome vs. MIcrosoft IE


Blk13 alleycat. Was a good time. Only quam with the whole thing was the idea of a raffle. The more things you collected or the better placing you got let you get more raffle tickets towards a cannondale capo. Thats great and all but it kinda puts people off like myself who actually collect everything and race, when a random dude wins a bike that barely even did the race. To me thats kinda lame. But I'm not the organizer. Besides that I did have tons of fun. You can see me here winning the party.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Yay Weekend.

This weekend could not come sooner. After having a light training week I am planning on gearing it up for the weekend. Tennis, BMX, 70 miles road ride, some cyclocross inbetween, an alleycat race, and some beer to top it off. Heres are some random pics for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Not sure if anyone even looks and probably doesn't. But ok I've been racing roadbikes, and will be doing cross again. That is pretty much it.

So as an update to my current standings and how I am doing in this endeavor to becoming the best of the worst, actually currently I'm the worst of the worst, about dead last in Cat 5 races. I am finishing, which says more then DNFing, basically the mortal sin of cycling, at least in my ambitious eyes. So i bought a bike waaaay too good for me and I know it, but hell I like nice stuff, and it was older, its an 06 specialized tarmac sl with full dura ace. Additionally I got a set of Ksyrium SL 08 wheels (Basically the old ES wheels). So obviously this is like a paraplegic getting into a 911 Porsche and attempting to seriously race it in a 2 fast 2 furious race. Additionally I got a used Fuji cyclocross bike with full ultegra. Again way beyond what I need, but considering I was racing on a 1980 Raleigh converted to a 1x8 with straight bars, I think this was well deserved. any person willing to race on bike like that a whole season earned an upgrade.

Speaking of upgrades. I have officially gone through the motions to attempt to upgrade my cross status from a 4 to a 3. I also tried to get out of cat 5 for road, but that is very unlikely. I am going to see how this goes for my upgrades. Maybe I can upgrade to the better of the worst.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So far so good.

Taking things slow and seeing where I end up. So far I have been keeping myself very busy but I will have a better understanding of whats going on with me next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

San Francisco

Is beautiful! Been talking to a lot of biotech companies here and things may turn another direction quickly! I'm excited and trying to make things happen out here. Who knows I may be able to be here permantely!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ethox Int

So I have received an offer from Ethox internation here in Rochester, NY. The position will be workng as a Chemist/assisting in sales and marketing. I feel this position can really be a strong position, and am really exicited to start working. This position seems to really be inline with my interest of getting into sales/marketing of pharmaceuticals, yet have a strong background in the sciences. I haven't accepted the offer yet as I hav to make sure all my avenues are checked but its likely I am accepting it.

I have also finished almost everything in my degree. I have finished my last 2 classes and just have my thesis due the on thursday to present. So all will be well.

Finally 3/11 I wil be heading up to San Fran to search out some more positions and have a mini vacation.

Finally if you are on linkedIn here is my linkedIn profile. Add me if you would like! View Tung Luong's profile on LinkedIn

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy new years

Did a proper cleaning yesterday, and a little praying to my ancestors and pasted away loved ones, so lets hope for some serious luck this year. I already feel better this year. Seriously! Chuc mung Nam moi!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ethox international

I'm am working on an interview with this company Ethox in hopes for a position as a bench scientist/marketer/sales person. I've interviewed with them several times and the company seems like a great place to start working for. I have been insearch of other positions as well. In terms of career fairs there is a fair for pharmeucuetical sales people in Rochester, then a biospace career fair in a week in boston. So I have a very busy next few weeks. In addition to my completion of my thesis which is aboutn 40% complete. So working on it and cranking out the work is tough but I hope to be employed and ready to contribute to the world soon.

As for my latest tech review look back in next few week for reviews of the PS3, Wii, Apple Macbook (Santa Rosa), Best skin ever (for the iphone), Speck case for the macbook, and many other tech reviews new and old.

Finally I have begun contributing to a new wikibook in Metabolomics so please check it out and let me know how its doing!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My proteomics thesis and other sites im associated with.

If you have not found my proteomics thesis you can head to here. This is an online wikibook that I managed and developed from inception to present. So far its been very well received. Proteomics Wikibook

In addition here is my short profile that can be found during my undergraduate years at Clarkson University.Clarkson University

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jawbone and life throws you a curve ball.

First a short review on the Jawbone. Coming from a motorola HS500 just about anything would have done better. The HS500 looked great, and worked adequately, but fell apart on me, the glue actually came apart leaving me with a pile of parts. So I turned to the highest rated bluetooth headset out there. The Jawbone. First what can I say about this thing that doesn't rock? Works great, clear hearing, style up the waah zooh, and makes me cooler by association. Now for the bad. The headset definitely doesn't like smaller asian ears, in addition the call quality can be a bit spotty, people on the other end sometimes have trouble hearing me. This could have been due to reception, so it may well not be the jawbone. Battery life worked for about 3-4 hours of talk time, and over a day of standby time which pleased me. Overall I recommend this headset to anybody looking to have the best bluetooth headset out there.

On life notes. My iphone screen CRACKED!!! I went to apple to try to get it replaced and they wanted to gouge me for 250 + tax. So the smart guy that I am decided to sell the broken phone on ebay for $260 and get a brand new iphone for about 150. Not bad.

Finally my condolences go out to Rachel and Jordan. Their mom LeeAnn passed away after a fall down the stairs. I was actually their trying to do whatever I could to save her life, but the damage to her head was way too severe. This death has brought back some serious demons in me that I have to face again. But i know what its like, and its not easy, no other way to put it.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hmmmm. I think im going to make this blog into something useful.

Considering half the time I'm getting new electronics and half the time im working and searching for a job, perhaps I need to make this blog into a normal college consumer review page. Blogging on both electronics and new toys that I find, in addition to job hunting and crazy things that I amy encounter. In addition to maybe blogging about stupid news these day....

Go Barack!

So if i were to start a review I would say don't buy these damn headphones!

The V-moda headphones with call button. I thought these tings we all the rage for my iphone. Built in call button, good quaility, nice features. And coming from some shures, and lower end Sony Ex-71 these were nice. Until the damn call button separated on me! I have had these headphone for less then 3 months and they have already broke. No I don't wrap them tightly and pull on them like crazy. I keep them in their nice little leather case (Which is the best headphone case I've ever had) and do the little headphone wrap thing. Like shown here.

And yet they still separated that the call button. The glue came apart then the wires broke off. I spent a good 30 mins trying to solder it back together until I burned my fingers and gave up in frustration. If I were to recommend headphones to a iphone user I would just go with the normal V-modas, with no call button and just get a bluetooth headset like the Jawbone (which I will review next time!)