Sunday, October 21, 2007


Xerox has been real fun, kinda boring at times, but its a job. Been playing lots of bike polo and doing bike contest and stuff. Rode the Pumpkin king bmx jam and that went well. I didn't place, but it was still realllllllly fun. I also went to Potsdam and visited the school, saw lots of people I haven't seen in a while which was really fun. Too bad the casino took all my energy, but it was worth seeing those people even for a little. I also got a new bmx frame for the time being as my last one crack. I'll end up taking a pic of it and stuff later. Planning a trip to san fran come either end of nov or dec. Other than that everything is on point. I really want school to just be over, and either find a job or get out of here. I'd like to get out to the west coast, there isn't much keeping me here in Rochester other then a few things. And there are some things in Rochester that jut make me want to get out ASAP!

So whats my next major purchase? Hopefully a Mac Book Pro! Depending on the $ situation in months to come.

P.S I got this thing, and its freaking awesome!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Heads we dance

Check them out. Pretty dope.

Heads we Dance

Sunday, October 7, 2007

More cyclocross pictures!!!!

This time I placed top 20!!! I got 16th out of a field of 37 which was great. I ended up actually getting a flat on the huge downhill, falling twice, once on a hill and once in gravel, then riding on my rim until Dave Vavlo got me a wheel. Thank goodness for him. I lost about 5 places because of the flat, but acutally made up for it and caught the person I was chasing again. I was kinda upset cause I may have been able to place top 10 if I didn't flat and fall. Oh well thats racing. But here are some pics from the event which was put on by the bike shop I part time at. You can see my flat and the dirt on my butt from when I fell in one, the hand off in another, and just riding in some.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bike polo, races, and other stuff.

So I played bike polo last night which was really fun. I got hurt and mad, but it was in fun. I have been training for a cyclocross race in Rochester, NY at Cobbs hill. I hope to place alright. You can check out the race at . Started playing ultimate again which is good and will be going to some tourneys with the RIT team soon. So looks likes lots is on the upswing.

P.S here are some vids of me on my BMX bike from some time ago. Have fun kids.


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