Thursday, January 24, 2008

My proteomics thesis and other sites im associated with.

If you have not found my proteomics thesis you can head to here. This is an online wikibook that I managed and developed from inception to present. So far its been very well received. Proteomics Wikibook

In addition here is my short profile that can be found during my undergraduate years at Clarkson University.Clarkson University

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jawbone and life throws you a curve ball.

First a short review on the Jawbone. Coming from a motorola HS500 just about anything would have done better. The HS500 looked great, and worked adequately, but fell apart on me, the glue actually came apart leaving me with a pile of parts. So I turned to the highest rated bluetooth headset out there. The Jawbone. First what can I say about this thing that doesn't rock? Works great, clear hearing, style up the waah zooh, and makes me cooler by association. Now for the bad. The headset definitely doesn't like smaller asian ears, in addition the call quality can be a bit spotty, people on the other end sometimes have trouble hearing me. This could have been due to reception, so it may well not be the jawbone. Battery life worked for about 3-4 hours of talk time, and over a day of standby time which pleased me. Overall I recommend this headset to anybody looking to have the best bluetooth headset out there.

On life notes. My iphone screen CRACKED!!! I went to apple to try to get it replaced and they wanted to gouge me for 250 + tax. So the smart guy that I am decided to sell the broken phone on ebay for $260 and get a brand new iphone for about 150. Not bad.

Finally my condolences go out to Rachel and Jordan. Their mom LeeAnn passed away after a fall down the stairs. I was actually their trying to do whatever I could to save her life, but the damage to her head was way too severe. This death has brought back some serious demons in me that I have to face again. But i know what its like, and its not easy, no other way to put it.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hmmmm. I think im going to make this blog into something useful.

Considering half the time I'm getting new electronics and half the time im working and searching for a job, perhaps I need to make this blog into a normal college consumer review page. Blogging on both electronics and new toys that I find, in addition to job hunting and crazy things that I amy encounter. In addition to maybe blogging about stupid news these day....

Go Barack!

So if i were to start a review I would say don't buy these damn headphones!

The V-moda headphones with call button. I thought these tings we all the rage for my iphone. Built in call button, good quaility, nice features. And coming from some shures, and lower end Sony Ex-71 these were nice. Until the damn call button separated on me! I have had these headphone for less then 3 months and they have already broke. No I don't wrap them tightly and pull on them like crazy. I keep them in their nice little leather case (Which is the best headphone case I've ever had) and do the little headphone wrap thing. Like shown here.

And yet they still separated that the call button. The glue came apart then the wires broke off. I spent a good 30 mins trying to solder it back together until I burned my fingers and gave up in frustration. If I were to recommend headphones to a iphone user I would just go with the normal V-modas, with no call button and just get a bluetooth headset like the Jawbone (which I will review next time!)