Sunday, March 16, 2008

San Francisco

Is beautiful! Been talking to a lot of biotech companies here and things may turn another direction quickly! I'm excited and trying to make things happen out here. Who knows I may be able to be here permantely!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ethox Int

So I have received an offer from Ethox internation here in Rochester, NY. The position will be workng as a Chemist/assisting in sales and marketing. I feel this position can really be a strong position, and am really exicited to start working. This position seems to really be inline with my interest of getting into sales/marketing of pharmaceuticals, yet have a strong background in the sciences. I haven't accepted the offer yet as I hav to make sure all my avenues are checked but its likely I am accepting it.

I have also finished almost everything in my degree. I have finished my last 2 classes and just have my thesis due the on thursday to present. So all will be well.

Finally 3/11 I wil be heading up to San Fran to search out some more positions and have a mini vacation.

Finally if you are on linkedIn here is my linkedIn profile. Add me if you would like! View Tung Luong's profile on LinkedIn