Sunday, October 7, 2007

More cyclocross pictures!!!!

This time I placed top 20!!! I got 16th out of a field of 37 which was great. I ended up actually getting a flat on the huge downhill, falling twice, once on a hill and once in gravel, then riding on my rim until Dave Vavlo got me a wheel. Thank goodness for him. I lost about 5 places because of the flat, but acutally made up for it and caught the person I was chasing again. I was kinda upset cause I may have been able to place top 10 if I didn't flat and fall. Oh well thats racing. But here are some pics from the event which was put on by the bike shop I part time at. You can see my flat and the dirt on my butt from when I fell in one, the hand off in another, and just riding in some.

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