Sunday, October 21, 2007


Xerox has been real fun, kinda boring at times, but its a job. Been playing lots of bike polo and doing bike contest and stuff. Rode the Pumpkin king bmx jam and that went well. I didn't place, but it was still realllllllly fun. I also went to Potsdam and visited the school, saw lots of people I haven't seen in a while which was really fun. Too bad the casino took all my energy, but it was worth seeing those people even for a little. I also got a new bmx frame for the time being as my last one crack. I'll end up taking a pic of it and stuff later. Planning a trip to san fran come either end of nov or dec. Other than that everything is on point. I really want school to just be over, and either find a job or get out of here. I'd like to get out to the west coast, there isn't much keeping me here in Rochester other then a few things. And there are some things in Rochester that jut make me want to get out ASAP!

So whats my next major purchase? Hopefully a Mac Book Pro! Depending on the $ situation in months to come.

P.S I got this thing, and its freaking awesome!!!!

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