Monday, February 4, 2008

Ethox international

I'm am working on an interview with this company Ethox in hopes for a position as a bench scientist/marketer/sales person. I've interviewed with them several times and the company seems like a great place to start working for. I have been insearch of other positions as well. In terms of career fairs there is a fair for pharmeucuetical sales people in Rochester, then a biospace career fair in a week in boston. So I have a very busy next few weeks. In addition to my completion of my thesis which is aboutn 40% complete. So working on it and cranking out the work is tough but I hope to be employed and ready to contribute to the world soon.

As for my latest tech review look back in next few week for reviews of the PS3, Wii, Apple Macbook (Santa Rosa), Best skin ever (for the iphone), Speck case for the macbook, and many other tech reviews new and old.

Finally I have begun contributing to a new wikibook in Metabolomics so please check it out and let me know how its doing!

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