Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google chrome

So far this browser is easily one of the fastest browsers I've ever used. I've dabbled in pretty much every browser since Netscape, and was always stuck between Safari and Firefox. I recently went back to Firefox after I found some plugins I thought would be worth me switching over from Safari was. Well I've been using Chrome on my PC at work and to be honest this thing is blazing fast. Totally crushes IE. Tabs pulling is great, the clean simple look is definitely appreciated. I found the home page with all the history a bit of a nuisance, since i didn't want someone to check out my browsing, but Google has put in an "incognito" mode which basically hides everything from someone snooping your work. Safari was easily for me, one of the fastest browsing experiences to date, but this browser, even when opening saved images and finding locations is insanely fast. Additionally the idea of having each, page, and tab work under its own conditions is great! Crash a tab, or page, instead of a whole browser add ton of stability. I can manage a little extra memory usage for stability, god knows how many times firefox, IE, and even safari have crashed, leaving me filling out all my creditcard info for something I wanted to order. All I can say is when does the Mac version come out, cause I really need this thing on my mac.

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