Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year = a New hope?

2007 was probably the worst year of my life. But hopefully things will be good this year, I am hoping for a chance to get an interview with wyeth for a pharm rep in Rochester. In addition the possibility of San Fran is up in the air since I will be attending a career fair in San fran in february. I am shooting for rochester, san diego, san fran, and boston.

Finally I pick up a snowboard and got my ass handed to me today. Still pretty fun, hopefully I get better at it.

I also purchased a PS3. Now what I don't like so far is one the freaking patch not being released by Rock band to play their game with guitar hero guitars. I am pissed. I want to play Rock band just solo, and use my guitar hero guitar like xbox 360 users but can't. Its very annoying. Why does Activision have to be a pain in everyones ass in this thing? Why did they block the patch? Its pretty dumb to me.

I have been playing GH3 a ton, Persona 3 a lot, and downloaded tekken 5 and castlevania. Overall I loved the wii, but the PS3 is a much better system for me.

Lets all pray that 1) Tung gets a job....... and well 1) Tung gets a job. The new year ought to bring more to me then sadness, financial constraints ,and drama. I need none of those a ton of happiness, jobbyness, and love. I hoping to mend a lot of broken bonds this year.


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