Saturday, December 1, 2007

Interviewing with Pfizer

So i went to boston this weekend and stay with my friends Eric and Pat. It was excellent. I missed them very much and catching up with them was really great. I also brought Natalie up with me, she got to meet them which was nice, however I actually ended up taking her to NH while I stayed in Boston. So i had two interview which I really wasn't expecting to be an interview at all. But exciting non the less.

I interviewed for two positions. Both of these positions are entry level positions, however a great way to get into the industry.

The first position was a Research biology position in Groten Connecticut, where I interview with "Bill" a PhD within the company. Going into the interview I really wasn't prepared much at all. I went with the punches and felt that the interview actually went well with Bill telling me that there was a possibility of second interviews and giving me dates to make sure I was available. I ended up with his card and a good feeling.

The second position in Cambridge Boston, a position I'm shooting for is a Research technology development group. The interview was decent until "Steven" said I kind of had two specialties: Biology and Chemistry. He asked me to picked, which I picked biology, which I have to be genuinely more interested in as analytical work is a bit tedious. Afterwards he side blinded me with some questions about my biology skills! Having not really done any bio in a about 2-3 years it was tough pulling all the techniques off the top of my head. In the end he said I've never told anybody this but I'd like you to re-write your resume! He wanted me to make it more biology oriented and to email it directly to him as well as submit it online.

Afterwards there were cocktails where I interacted with the interviewers and was hoping to continue to talk to Steve, which unfortunately his group was not there. I did talk to Bill further and talked to a few other people who felt I was a strong candidate as well as gave me great advice to move forward in my search.

Finally a great boost was the talk to one of the pfizer reception people who helped sign people in who told me that the amount of effort both the interviewers put into my interview is far beyond many other people get. Which makes me feel hopeful.

I am now in NH getting Natalie after a crazy fun weekend of interviewing, hanging with old old friends. Hopefully next week i will be back in Cambridge!

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