Friday, September 26, 2008

Highlander pain a while back still messing me up for cross.

So i after the highlander which went great. I didn't bonk at all, did about 103 miles in 6 hrs 40 mins with 11000 feet of climbing. It was hard but fun. I'm pretty sure i could probably cut my time down by a half an hour if I was actually riding all out. Maybe next year.

Heres me:

then theres this guy:

This guy apparently thinks climbing a hill in aero is efficient.

Or this person:

Who thought riding on his back would allowing him to ascend faster since his feet were point in that direction.

Overall it was an interesting and fast ride.

Last weekend I also did my first cross race of the season. Placed 11th out of a field of 22. Not bad, was hoping for a top ten finish, but I finished on the lead lap. Tough thing is that its an open mens field, which makes me a clumped in with 1 and 2 riders. Hopefully this weekend will go better but ill be racing two races this weekend so lets see how that goes.

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amy b said...

i did 100 this weekend in about 7.5 hours!!! not as much climbing as you - but i was on the single speed. is there an alley cat in october? i want to come up.