Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ultimate frisbee, my leg burns, and i modded my iphone!

Went to Potsdam for the weekend and had a hell of a time. Wish i Could have stayed longer. Really made me miss playing ulty. It was real cool to see everyone in addition to seeing wheelz propose to karen. That was a treat. Congrats bro. My legs are still killing me from that weekend but it was worth it. Mikes apartment is insane. If you have never been there it as a full sound system for a night club, fog machine, laser show, LCD TV playing music videos, and everything on earth. It was Nuts. Had a great time though.

In job terms Xerox Jazz is going now and I working as an analytical chemist at Xerox for a while as a co-op while teaching and taking classes. I will be ultra busy, plus the fact that I am riding more and trying to play more tennis and ulty.

Finally I added some cool stuff to the iphone, namely, installer app tapp which lets you wirelessly put programs on, the NES emulator, and I used Funtastic to jailbreak my iphone so I could do anything with it. I'm really pumped on my iphone now (Not that I wasn't before!).

I'm looking to buy a car, got some in mind, Altima, Audi A4 wagon, Honda CRV, Volkswagon Jetta ect ect. I'm pretty pumped.

Finally trying to take a trip to San Fran for some fun in the not so sun and find a job. I hope to find a permanent Job by Decemeber for my march graduation. OH yea I forgot I have a thesis to write!!!!!

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