Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things changing!

Doing lots now that I have time due to some lifestyle changes and feel to be regaining a lot of things I lost in the process. I have been racing cyclocross which has been so much fun. I didn't place on my first race cause I got a flat and would have probably gotten top 20, and todays race I placed 23rd. Not bad for my second race. Definitely the most painful thing i've done in a while, but so much freaking fun. Here is a sweet pic of me going over a small barrier. I actually bunnyhoped these before the race but the picture was on some of the last few laps and i couldn't jump much more.

Also I got my car. just doing some work on it buts its nice. in addition to school, work, Road riding, and bmx i've been quite busy. But its soon going to be jobby job search time. I need to get out of Rochester, the drama is too much for me. San Fran please give me an awesome job so I can become a Yuppy.

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