Monday, July 30, 2007

Ben's benefit and my moving forward

The benefit went so awesome I could even believe it. Raising over 1600 dollars from donated goods ( thank you so much sponsers) and having so much fun with so many people i haven't seen in such a long time. I do feel a bit more complete and accepting of Bens passing. I does get to me at many points of my day, but for some reason the good times I had really has helped me move forward. I am now focused on two things thesis, and job hunt. Cool thing is that Lisa Pritchard (bens mom) has been helping me find a job and forwarded my resume to a few people that seem to think I have real potential to get scooped up by a company. Although my location is still not set in stone, I still have a yearning for the west coast, particularly LA or San Fran. But getting there will be tough for sure. I may have to remain in Rochester and gain a little more experience before. In the meantime, I have things like my proteomics research to focus on in and getting a paper published. Hopefully the ball can start rolling soon on that.

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